University Web Store

University Web Store
 Students can earn their degree online at Branch University, but until now they’ve had a far more difficult time procuring decent BU swag at the school’s understocked Web store. The regents have rightly determined that to increase their visibility, they need more and better products, and you’re going to take them to promo school. 

Some apparel basics will go a long way to getting the word out about the university. When choosing the perfect cap, a poly/cotton structured hat with state-of-the-art moisture-wicking technology is asmart bet. Quality tees are an easy answer to the school’s apparel problem, either silkscreened, sublimated or embroidered with the school mascot, and a pullover hoodie with double-lined fleece hood is an overachieving wearable that will be all over the schools virtual campus – A.K.A.:everywhere. Stock up on some everyday items to make it easy for students to show their school pride.

A rollup fleece blanket is great to have at any outdoor event, not to mention its usefulness for sleepy brainiacs who stayed up too late “studying” and need to catch a quick nap. Get a roomy, polyester backpack so the school’s logo can get extra mileage as busy students lug textbooks to and from libraries, coffee shops and the jobs that help pay the tuition. And a USB book light is a bright idea for illuminating keyboards or e-readers as students plow through either Moby Dick or their friends’ Tumblr accounts. 

Alumni are a valuable resource for spreading the news about Branch University, so stock up on some gear they will be proud to display. A cotton/poly fleece varsity sweatshirt jacket gets high marks forcomfort and looks, especially with a vividly embroidered logo. Simple ideas like a stainless-steel mason water bottle combine utility and sharp visual appeal, while a colorful license plate frame takes the message of Web-based higher education out from the ether and onto the road. A well-educated youth is the nation’s greatest resource, and with a collection of great gear like this they will be proud to show it off.

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