Premium Accessory Wraps Up Fundraising Message

Hospital Fundraiser
St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation in Toronto was looked for a memorable giveaway that reflected the foundation’s dedication and passion to raising funds for its Inspire 2018 campaign.
The event was attended by the hospital’s partners, doctors, political leaders and major donors, and highlighted the generosity of Canadian homebuilder and philanthropist, Peter Gilgan, who donated $30 million toward the foundation’s goal of raising $200 million by 2018 to build a new Patient Care Tower at St. Michael’s.
They worked with a design team to seek out a branded solution that reflected the importance of the event.  They incorporated an intricate blueprint concept of the new Patient Care Tower hospital addition and produced two premium wearable accessories – a scarf and pocket square.
The design team used a dye-sublimated technique to decorate the two pieces, which allowed the blueprint to be transferred and embedded in the silk material, creating a custom feel. The color of the material was Pantone-matched to the St. Michael’s royal blue.
The custom accessories were distributed by placing the scarves on the female attendees, and the pocket squares on the males as they arrived at the event. Two hundred of each accessory was distributed. Each
person was wearing these honorable pieces throughout the event, and you couldn’t refrain from feeling a sense of unity and support for Gilgan’s family, the donors and the hospital, when witnessing the sea of St. Michael’s blue. 

The attendees walked away from the event with an appreciation of the hospital and will be able to remember that day for years to come with their St. Michael’s accessory. Peter Gilgan’s family was honored that the hospital created a product that included so much thought and care."

Article posted in Advantages Magazine December 2014 Edition by Jean Erickson

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