How to Plan the Perfect Golf Event


Producing a golf event takes careful organization and planning, as well as the right promotional products that will enhance the event. Check out these tips to make your golf event a success.

Start with a plan: Begin to plan a minimum of 120 days out. Focus on what you're trying to accomplish and plan ways to promote both your purpose and the event. If this is a fundraiser event, spoil your attendees with branded gifts and awards to stay top mind and show you care.

Product Suggestions: Build interest by sending sets of branded golf balls to potential participants. Use four-color printing to enhance your logo.

Locate the best course: Proximity is a factor, but look at the overall facility and how the course sets up for a particular tournament, including the cart staging area, lunch and dinner arrangements, overall player room and activity setup room. Also make sure the course and greens are in good shape and that the staff can accommodate the needs of the event including competitive pricing for golf, lunches, dinners, etc.

Product Suggestions: Once you've picked a golf course, order T-shirts emblazoned with the course name and your logo. Add branded hats if the budget allows.

Design an event website. Start out by educating yourself about the overall mission and purpose of the event. Then create custom imagery that is tailored to individual clients.

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