Hit Family Fun Day out of the Park

Family Funday Banner

Every year, a local hospital puts on a Family Day to kick off spring and get a chance bring together employees, families and members of the community.  This year, their goal is to have groovy, unique and high impact items to give away to their audience.  

Since there will be different departments featured at this Family Day like Physical Therapy, Radiology, and others, the hospital requested having targeted items to giveaway.  They wanted to make sure there were promotional products that related to the services they are featuring.  

The BossMark team researched and came up with five specific theme/ideas for the hospital to review.  These ideas included:

1. Coloring: Coloring books and crayons to appeal to the children who will be attending

2. Health: Miscellaneous health products that appeal to each specific department mentioned. Custom sticky notes, kitchen products to promote healthier eating and more.

3. Plant: Considering the timing on the event (May) and the long winter New England has had, people are going to want to get out and see greenery and flowers again.

4. Pet: This is a very popular category right now-people love their pets.  There are many options for custom leashes and collars.

5. Bicycle:  The hospital mentioned the possibility of handing out bike helmets to promote safety, BossMark can provide small related items to go with the helmet giveaway.

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