Healthy Pace: Spread Health Awareness at Work

USB_PedometerThis wearable tech product makes it easy for companies interested in spreading a health-awareness message. It also addresses the direction many employers are taking their wellness programs.


Eighty-five percent of companies are moving toward a health strategy that requires a more active employee role, according to Metlife’s 12th Annual U.S Employee Benefit Trends Study. This includes wellness activities and incentives. In fact, 41% of all employers strongly agree that wellness programs are effective for reducing costs, and 81% of those that offer wellness programs place great importance on promoting employees’ healthy behaviors.


The StepWell USB Smart Pedometer both engages users and allows them to track their progress. “The New StepWell Smart Pedometer really speaks to the wellness community,” says Buz Lewis, owner and CEO of Buztronics. “It provides both a device to monitor steps and an online program that enables the customer to link all of the device users together in an information based format. StepWell provides a way for a company to stay in constant contact with their health conscious customer. It also provides a method of communication for companies to communicate their in-house wellness programs to all of their employees in an easy-to-use, web-launch product.”


You can choose whether the StepWell USB Smart Pedometer is set for individual use or for group administration. For example, a health conscious eatery such as Subway could give away StepWell Pedometers to individuals with their logo on them. Every time the user plugs the pedometer into an online computer, they access their own personal “Wellness Dashboard” featuring the Subway logo up front and center as a click through link, along with customizable hyperlinks where the user might click through to receive Subway’s “Special of the Day.” Alternatively an HR administrator for a corporate wellness program can enable the StepWell to allow team access. For example, employees can log their miles walked and see how the group as a whole is progressing toward its goal. The HR person can easily manage the program, set goals, post challenges and provide important information about health benefits, wellness events and significant milestones.


Your logo and message are seen in multiple ways. Of course, the pedometer itself is imprinted. “We pad print the majority of our products right here at Buztronics because pad printing provides such a clear, vivid imprint,” Lewis says. “But it’s important to note that in some cases we go beyond just printing a company’s logo on our products. Items like our SmartButton and New Smart Pedometer are designed to provide additional branding and exposure by driving endusers to a website.” In addition, the StepWell allows for multiple hyperlinks to be established so the recipient can access more than one web page.


Cost per impression is very important. The logo will be seen by the person wearing the pedometer; passersby who see the wearer, as well as viewed online whenever the recipients launch the USB. When you add up the exposure, it’s hard to match the StepWell’s value.  “Step- Well is a low cost, wearable tech gadget and it’s different from any other health product in the industry,” Lewis says. “Wearable tech is all the buzz these days… and we’ve finally got it right here for our distributors! The best part is that the low cost and auto-launch technology are only a few of the things that make this product different and exclusive to Buzline.”


StepWell’s hassle-free design requires no software download and works with any Mac or PC. It benefits everyone from the distributor down to the end-user. It gives users the ability to get healthy and easily manage their daily activity, tracking steps, calories and distance on their personal wellness page that is synced with their pedometer. And since the page is accessible from any mobile device, they can easily update and view their progress on-the-go.

Article published in Advantages Magazine Juy 2014 Issue Page 99

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