Financial: Functional and Memorable Mobile Items

According to Pew Research, as of January 2014, 90% of American adults have a cell phone. It’s clear that tech accessories are a hot commodity right now, which means branded ones used in promotional campaigns are virtually guaranteed to garner numerous impressions and give end-users the best return on investment.


So, if you’re considering accessories for electronic devices, travel or the office, BossMark’s partner HandStands‘ offers uniquely engineered, innovative products. Product categories include tech accessories, automotive accessories, desk items and stress relief products.


“Our top-selling product in 2013, which continues to be very strong this year, was the DOT,” says Conie Mangum, vice president of sales. “It sticks to the home button on smartphones, giving it a tactile grip. It identifies and personalizes a phone or tablet, and it adheres with patented 3M adhesive, so it doesn’t leave sticky residue. And, it’s made in the USA!”


HandStands also offers the top- selling, patented Jelly Sticky Pad, made of a non-magnetic, non-adhesive material that clings to dashboards and consoles in vehicles. “It holds digital devices, glasses, coins– anything you’d like to have close at hand,” says Mangum. “It comes in several colors, and this year we released the Jelly Sticky Pad MINI, which has sold very strongly.”



Meanwhile, HandStands’ Travel Soft is a 3-in-1 item that can be used as a mouse pad, a microfiber screen cleaner and a laptop screen protector. It’s ultra-thin and includes a rubber backing for non-slip mousing and grip. Plus, it features a vibrant, full-color imprint. “This makes it a wonderful billboard for promotions, and it also includes an anti-microbial surface,” says Mangum. “Best of all, the design, printing and sublimation are done here in the USA.”stickypad


The supplier’s options in microfiber cleaners, including the executive TabBuff with dual layer plush microfiber material and the MicroBuff that adheres to smartphones when not in use, are truly “stellar performers,” says Mangum. “Plus, they’re all designed, printed and sublimated domestically.”


In addition to functional, attractive products, HandStands prides itself on putting together a com-plete promotional package. “We’rewell-known for delivery and presentation of the finished product, including individual packaging and instructional insert cards that all give added value to the promotion,” Mangum says. “We often customize the instructional cards, because they’re an important part of the marketing campaign. They truly make the individual promotion remarkable, because every time we produce orders, we understand that it’s about the client’s event, product or service. This is what they want to be remembered, so customizing the insert cards truly makes the promotion about them!”


A significant number of HandStands’ products are made in the United States, as well as all of the
design, digital printing, sublimation and screen printing on the products. “All of these capabilities provide opportunities for additional employment,” says Mangum.



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