College Fairs: Don’t be a Boring Booth

Dont Be Boring Booth- May 2015

College fair season is here and we want to make sure you are maximizing your booth space.   The ultimate goal is to attract new students to your college or university. That all begins with standing out at the college fairs and attracting them to your booth! Upcoming freshmen don’t want another cheap pen. They want something innovative, unique, a product that will serve a purpose. You want them to remember you and your up-with-the-times choice of promotional product. Even if a student doesn’t think they are interested in the college, if they see something cool that you are giving away, they probably will just give their email address in order to get the product. In this case, you have reached one person who wasn’t considering your facility before. Now, you have the chance to reach out to them and show them why to take a second look.  


For the upcoming college freshman, we have carefully picked the top inexpensive but effective product for giveaways.


  1. Ear buds: Because what 17 and 18 year old do you know that doesn’t have a fully stocked phone or ipod with their favorite tunes. Next question, how often do you see them with headphones in? A lot. This is a product they will repeatedly use.
  2. Portable USB adaptor: For upcoming Freshmen it seems like almost nothing is more important than their smart phones, which is why it is catastrophe when they run out of power. Chargers, car chargers and power banks are huge this year.
  3. Portable Power Banks: See above!
  4. Cable Organizer: This will be more effective than anyone thinks because who has one of these?! It will be useful for any student because of how well it helps organize all the wires on the desk.
  5. Branded Bungee Rocket: This product is too incredible fun to resist. Anyone from age 5 to 95 will enjoy this product. It gives your college logo exposure as it flies across any given field!


For more ideas to make sure you don’t have a boring booth at your next college fair, contact us me at



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