Human Resources

3 Tips For A Healthier Workplace

Johnson & Johnson has one. So does Chick Fil-A. Indeed, practically every company in America has an employee wellness program in place, but how many actually measure the program’s effectiveness? Fewer than one quarter, according to a recent study by Buck Consultants. According to the study, 77% of employers in the U.S. offer at least…

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Counselor Commentary: End Annual Reviews Forever

Let’s not mince words here: annual performance reviews are outdated and they need to die. Bury them, burn them, put them in a bottle and toss them into the ocean – just don’t hold them anymore. The manager-employee discussions are awkward, filled with a lot of robot-like nodding, clenched fists and fake smiles. Workers leave…

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Small Businesses Look to Add Staff

HR Small Businesses look to add staff

Optimistic about the economy, more small-business owners are getting up to hire new personnel for their sales and administrative teams.  That’s according to the recently released SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard, which found that 28% of owners aim to hire salesperson, while nearly a quarter are interested in adding administrative staffers. Last year, only 19% of…

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Premium Accessory Wraps Up Fundraising Message

Hospital Fundraiser

St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation in Toronto was looked for a memorable giveaway that reflected the foundation’s dedication and passion to raising funds for its Inspire 2018 campaign.   The event was attended by the hospital’s partners, doctors, political leaders and major donors, and highlighted the generosity of Canadian homebuilder and philanthropist, Peter Gilgan, who donated…

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Case Study: Calling All Bookworms

HR- Case Study

When a school recently needed a giveaway for a fundraiser, it naturally looked to reading accessories. Their choice is perfect for giveaways in the school market, bookshops, coffee shops, hotels/resorts, libraries and more.

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Healthy Pace: Spread Health Awareness at Work

This wearable tech product makes it easy for companies interested in spreading a health-awareness message. It also addresses the direction many employers are taking their wellness programs.   Eighty-five percent of companies are moving toward a health strategy that requires a more active employee role, according to Metlife’s 12th Annual U.S Employee Benefit Trends Study.…

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Case Study: Flexible Hours Key for Employee Retention

Allowing employees to work flexible hours is important if you want to retain top talent. That’s according to a new study from BMO Harris Bank, which discovered that 53% of business owners believe schedule flexibility is the most valuable offering they can provide to keep high performers – other than a pay increase. While BMO…

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Battle Employee Burnout

Employees sometimes lose sight of what makes their work worthwhile. They get run down, burnt out and demotivated. At times like these it can be difficult for anyone to enjoy work and find the old levels of motivation and energy.

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