Case Study: Modern Marvels

Mobile Tech Product
Modern technology is driven by ceaseless innovation.  Products that share that spirit of restless creativity will inspire the same excitement.  With so many new developments in technology every day, even the smallest, simplest of products can be a part of a brave new world.


It's no secret the tech sector is sizzling and, as such, so are tech-related products.  A major countertop and laminate manufacturer took a page from technology companies that use such hot products in their promos.  Visitors who recently took a factory tour were the lucky recipients of a promo package that included the StyleUs Slider.  The innovative stylus from HandStands attaches to the back of a smartphone or tablet using a high-grade silicone holster that adheres to the device.


The client's choice of this product was inspired by her own difficulty texting without numerous typos.  When she shared this dilemma with distributor David Parr of South Carolina's Sport Classics, he suggested the StyleUs Slider, hoping the item's would appeal to his client.  Not only did the client choose this product for her promotion, but the utility of the stylus, including its well-designed holster and adhesive, led her to keep one for herself.


Parr hoped this product would help nudge his client into more tech-related purchases and away from the "traditional" products they usually chose for their promotions.  By choosing an item that combined simplicity with practicality and smart design (not to mention the option of bright full-color imprint), he introduced a client to the value of effective technology promotions.


Article Published in Advantages Magazine July 2014 Issue, Page 151 by Chuck Zak

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