Case Study: Calling All Bookworms

HR- Case Study

When a school recently needed a giveaway for a fundraiser, it naturally looked to reading accessories. The educational institution, which serves special needs students, had teamed up with a hospital and several local businesses to put together a 2-mile walk. As part of the initiative, organizers aimed to provide walkers with something special. Participants raised over $6,000 and the event directors wanted to give out a thank-you gift as a token of their appreciation.Bookmark

Organizers chose Reader’s Pal bookmark–an item that also functions as a ruler and magnifier. They worked with a distributor to have them imprinted with the school name and URL, as well as a “Thank You for Your Support” message. Each bookmark came in a swag bag along with a wellness information pamphlet and healthy snacks. They chose this item because it’s related to learning, reading and education. The program ordered 1,500 rulers and gave out 1,300 of them. The remaining 200 were donated to the school as supplies.

Book accessories are ideal for recipients of all ages, at any education level, and shouldn’t be pigeonholed as an item appropriate only for the school market. They’re also great for bookshops, coffee shops, travel agencies, hotels/resorts, libraries, book signings and much more.

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