A Fresh Take On Custom Water Bottles

alexawaterbottlesNot all water bottles are created alike. Alexa Springs proves freshness and customization
make all the difference.


Go straight to the source, when you need personalized water bottles. Fivestar, ASI-rated Alexa Springs (asi/34037) sets the standard for quality and service. “Alexa Springs is in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest and bottles 100% natural spring water, untainted by industry, agriculture or human forces,” says Mark Sorokwasz, manager of Alexa Springs. “We are completely integrated from printing our labels, to bottling our water, to handling our own distribution to six diferent distribution centers throughout the country.”


Alexa’s distribution network translates to a huge freight advantage. “Our competitors ship from one location; we can ship from six locations strategically placed to cover the whole U.S. at a very low cost,” Sorokwasz says. “We deliver product via full truckloads to these distribution centers, enabling us to bypass the use of LTL (less than truckload) carriers over long distances. This forces our competition to outsource their bottling to outside bottlers in diferent regions of the country which, in return, causes our competition to have an inconsistent product ofering that is completely out of their control.”  Another advantage is the customization options Alexa Springs offers.


You can also share information about the effectiveness of a brand’s imprint on a water bottle. “This product is a walking billboard,” Sorokwasz explains. “The average time the water is in front of somebody is four hours. The effectiveness of the advertisement is unmatched in the industry. This is a food product. People are going to read the label of anything that they ingest. It is guaranteed to get the consumer’s attention.

Article published in Advantages Magazine June 2014

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