5 Productive Hobbies You May Not Have Considered

Productive Hobbies

Engaging in one of more of these stimulating activities outside work can make you more productive on the job.

Learn a New Language: Doing so helps improve your reasoning skills, strengthens your memory and, potentially, opens doors with new buyers who speak the tongue. Get started for free at duolingo.com
Play Paintball: Competitive paintball provides the chance to network with new people, build camaraderie with colleagues and clients, and blow off steam. It helps clear your mind so you can get back
in the office Monday morning ready for a productive week.
Do Qigong: This ancient Chinese practice involves using breathing techniques, gentle movement and meditation to cleanse, strengthen and circulate “qi,” or “life energy.” Studies show qigong can improve balance and blood pressure, and help fight depression. Enthusiasts say it has a powerful therapeutic effect.
Take to the Trails: Hiking/camping can detox your soul. Being in nature helps alleviate stress and enables you to put matters into perspective. The fresh air and exercise does you good physically. Taken altogether, you’ll be replenished –better prepared to tackle daily challenges.
Go Geocaching: This recreational activity involves hunting for hidden objects by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. People across the world participate. Get involved with local geocaching groups and you can socialize your way to new clients. Plus, the thrill of the hunt will keep you engaged, providing a fun distraction from work.

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