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Hiring Campaign: Consulting Fim

Hiring right is the single most important thing you can do for your company. Instead of hiring outside resources, third party vendors and headhunters to find candidates, this company decided they wanted to use internal employees to recruit. They found creative ways to engage employees in the process without breaking the banks or depleting company resources.

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Case Sudy: Creative and Effective launch of Service

Earthlink, an IT services, network and communications provider, has offices around the country as well as three subsidiaries with their own brand and management, and had launched an internal store offering branded merchandise at all three companies. A promotion was necessary to announce the store launch, encourage people to use the servies and build a sense of family by incorporating all three logos.

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Get new visitors to Flock to your Facility

At Promo Valley Nature Center, they like teaching people about the birds and the bees. No, not those birds and bees, the kind with wings. Through programs and education events, PVNC shares with its neighbors the natural beauty that’s abundant in their own backyard. Enrollment has been flat for the past few years, however, and the directors are looking for ideas to get new visitors to flock to their facilities.

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